G-7 Leaders confirms Commitment to Support Ukraine with Military Equipment

Russia’s recent missile attacks against civilians in Ukraine lead to an urgent meeting of the G7 leaders Tuesday that will result in more American aid being sent to Ukraine’s military.  

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he personally ordered the missile strikes in retaliation for the weekend destruction of a key bridge connecting Crimea to Russia.

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Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy via (AFP)

On Tuesday morning during the emergency summit, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked leaders of the G-7 countries for more modern, effective air systems. President Joe Biden and the other leaders later released a statement vowing to continue to support Ukraine. They also warned Russia that any use of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons will be met with severe consequences.

At least 12 people were confirmed dead and more than 60 injured following strikes that U.S. military officials believe directly targeted civilians. 

“It’s so scary, you know? You can drive to work and boom and you’re gone,” commented one Ukrainian woman following Monday’s strikes. 

The missiles struck several cities including the capital of Kyiv, with one hitting just a few feet from a children’s playground.

Major Ukrainian cities were left in the dark after the attacks knocked out parts of the country’s power grid.

“We don’t know what the next steps are for Putin but you can see from the reaction of the Ukrainian people over the course of the weekend, they’re not backing down,” National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby said. “They’re not slowing down.” 

“We believe Mr. Putin should remove all his troops from Ukraine,” he said. “Short of that, and clearly he has shown no indication of being willing to do that or even sit down at the negotiating table. Short of that, we have to make sure Ukraine can continue to succeed on the battlefield so when it gets to the negotiating table Mr. Zelenskyy has leverage to succeed in these negotiations as well.”  

The G-7 leaders reaffirmed their full support of Ukraine’s independence and claimed they remain steadfast in their commitment to providing the military equipment needed for Ukraine to protect itself and reclaim its territory.

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