Lightning strikes Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Few natural phenomena, when captured on lens, can leave one breathless and astonished. With the easy availability of advanced cameras and constant access to social media platforms, people get a chance to view and enjoy one-of-a-kind occurrences that may take place in any corner of the world.


One such event recently happened in Brazil when a bolt of lightning recently hit the famous Christ the Redeemer. When the images of the lightning striking the statue were shared on social media platforms and circulated, they left the people mesmerised.

The incident is reported to have happened on February 10. The image of lightning striking the head of the statue was shared by a Twitter user @Rainmaker1973.

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The breathtaking image has been captured on camera by Fernando Braga. Since the image has been posted, it went viral with 19.8 million views. Till now, the images have received more than 209K likes.

Twitter users flooded the comments section of the post. One user said, “At this point Zeus or Thor. Jokes apart, this is a quite recurrent event, being the highest point, it’s just the luck of having someone doing photography at the right time.” Another user wrote, “Wow! Oh just WOW!”

A third user commented, “What a shot! Thanks for sharing.” While most people appreciated the pictures, few others even cracked jokes.

One stated, “I don’t think he’s rising again after that.” Another user said, “Mom! Thor and Jesus are at it again!”

Nearly two million people visit Christ the Redeemer in Brazil’s Rio De Janeiro every year.

In the past too, the statue was hit by lightning. In 2014, the statue’s thumb was damaged by a bolt of lightning.

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