Nigerian child killed in ‘bullet-proof’ charm test

A Nigerian boy has been killed by his brother while testing a newly bought “bullet-proof” charm, police say.

The two believed they had “fortified themselves with the protective charm”, according to police in Kwara state

Abubakar Abubakar then shot at his younger brother Yusuf, 12, using their father’s rifle, officers say. Police are now looking for the alleged killer.

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Despite a lack of evidence, charms are used by some in Nigeria who want protection against bad luck.

There have been several reports of people being killed after testing “bullet-proof” charms and medicines.

It is not clear why the two brothers went to get protection.

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Yusuf Abubakar is said to have died on the spot after the shooting while his older brother escaped into the bushes, police say.

The two brothers were the sons of a hunter.

Police have urged parents “to monitor the activities of their children and avoid doing certain unsavoury activities”.

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